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Clean-It!  Multi Purpose Cleaning Stone

Clean-It! Multi Purpose Cleaning Stone

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Cleans just about everything!! Works well with our Skrubba!  Eco friendly! Made in the Europe!.

Do that tough abrasive cleaning with a fresh smelling cleanser that is gentle on you...and gentle on the environment.  Use on Glass cook Stove-Tops, Counter Tops, Tile, Grout, Stainless Sinks Copper/Stainless Steel Pots and Pans, Acrylic, Water Stains, Bathtubs, Glass Shower Doors, Lather, Running Shoes, Pool Liners, Boats, Car Rims,etc.  Even can clean bugs from your car windshield.

100% biodegradable according to European Test 302B!  Natural Cleaning Stone. Non Tox, non-perfume.

Caution:  This is a natural abrasive cleanser that can scratch. Not suitable for soft varnished paint, coated or sensitive surfaces.  Please test on a hidden area first.  Made in Europe!

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