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Gradual Green Flexible Silicone and Glass Bowl Lid Set of 4

Gradual Green Flexible Silicone and Glass Bowl Lid Set of 4

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Contains Size:  XSmall, Small & Medium Large Lids that fits 3.75"-7.75" inch bowls

These fit Shape 058, 059 and 556 Ceramika Arytsyczna Nesting Bowls.  The large size fits 861, B90, 288 CA Bowls and M084 by Manufaktura and MF18 by Galia. 

Flexible silicone and tempered glass lids. No need for plastic wrap, foil, or storage containers.  Stackable, saves space. See inside your bowl. Each lid adapts to fit a range of bowl sizes, no more searching for matching lid.  See inside so you never forget what you're saving.  Save food while saving fridge space.  Say goodbye to plastic waste.


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