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Who are we?

 About More Polish Pottery


                 More Polish Pottery, LLC is a Midwest gift shop and distribution center for Polish pottery stoneware and handmade products from Poland. We import directly from Poland from the factories. Guests can shop our vast selection of polish pottery- one of the largest in the Midwest and the largest selection in Illinois- with thousands of pieces available for purchase from over 5 Polish pottery factories. We sell only Quality 1 polish pottery stoneware at our retail warehouse-style store. We also offer lots of fabrics like tablecloths, placemats, aprons  with polish folk patterns, wood carvings inspired by polish legends and watercolor prints. All from beautiful and rich in heritage Poland. 

               More Polish Pottery is female-owned and a family business passionate about its product- polish pottery handmade in Boleslawiec, Poland. We pride ourselves on customer service and all of our staff are happy to work with each client to maximize their in-store experience. Whether you are beginning or adding to your pottery collection, More Polish Pottery strives to find the next great addition from thousands of pieces available. Visit us during our regular hours or schedule an appointment!


Polish Heritage and Military Travels

               More Polish Pottery' was opened in July 2011 after 10 years of  dreaming! Rebecca's love affair with Polish pottery began when she was a military wife stationed in Germany.  Waking up at 3am was not uncommon so she could be at the factories when they first opened by driving to Poland a few hours away.  After collecting mugs and dessert plates on her first trip, she was hooked!  After moving back to the United States in 2001, Rebecca said, "One day, I will share my love of Polish pottery with others."  That dream was realized!  More Polish Pottery is located at a former nursery featuring ornamental grasses and hostas.  We continue to sell ornamental grasses and other perennial plants. The motto at More Polish Pottery is, "The more you have, the more you want."   Rebecca vividly remembers her movers in Germany asking her husband many times when they were packing, "More Polish Pottery?"  Meaning:  Does she have any more pottery anywhere else that we have to pack?

                Rebecca also is 4th generation Polish. Her maiden name is 'Tutaj' meaning 'here' in Polish.  She is proud to share a piece of her heritage with others featuring a product made in Poland.

               Our property is nicknamed 'Field of Dreams'.  'If you build it - they will come' - and we are humbled by the locations that people drive from to visit our retail shop to view our wide assortment of Ceramika Artystyczna, Andy, and Kalich, Galia, and Malwa Polish pottery.  Located on a country road, our property boasts many types of butterflies that are attracted to the natural beauty of our land through our ornamental grasses, perennial plants,and prairie. Polish Pottery stoneware patterns are typically inspired by natural plants and flowers found in Poland.  Our love of natural open space is partnered with our love of Polish Pottery and is a perfect tranquil setting for 'More Polish Pottery'.

           We hope you come and visit. We are closer then you think!  Located in Big Rock, IL - just 5 miles west of Sugar Grove.  We are easy to find.  Take a drive out to the country, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and come see for yourself how "More Polish Pottery" is more then just a business...It is a way of life!  We feature Ceramika Artystyczna, Andy and , Galia, Malwa, and Kalich Polish pottery stoneware from Boleslawiec, Poland.

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