Miroslaw Czeladka

Miroslaw Czeladka, or Mirek, as his friends call him, is a special artist-sculptor. He calls his art pieces Nochal's, and they are whimsical wooden sculptures of dwarf like creatures with tall, oddly shaped hats and large noses. The name “Nochal” came from the unique way he carves their noses.

  Before Mirek started making his Nochals, Mirek's life was full of different twists. For years he worked in the Boleslawiec Art and Cultural center as an acoustician- or a physicist who specializes in sound. He was also an excellent handyman, known by all his friends as being able to help fix anything. Unfortunately, he got injured at work and after 9 months of rehabilitation he was unable to return to his old job. Mirek is a man with a lot of energy, so he couldn't imagine sitting at home and being "retired". 

Since he was a teenager, sculpting and woodworking was always his passion. Prompted by his friends, he decided to turn it into his job. During his journey, his art became his motivation for life and an escape from everyday problems. Mirek says that his Nochal's are always with him- in the house, backyard and everything in between. He loves what he is doing, and he wants to expand. Carving and sculpting are very time-consuming activities, but he is happy about doing what he loves and wants to create more pieces. Because of his crafting skills and very distinctive style, he became very well known in the world of Polish 3D artists.

 Lately, Mirek has been traveling to international workshops for artists and woodworkers, where he can carve and create all day. He already has been to Germany, Spain and of course, Poland. Mirislaw is a perfect example of turning a teenage dream and passion into a career. 
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